The Lice Wizard
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Our Services - By Appointment

Head Screens

$10 Individual
$20 Family

*Head Screening cost will be refunded if treatment is rendered.

Full Service

$85 Short Hair

$110 Medium Length Hair

$135 Long & Thick Hair

* Treatment -Shampoo,Conditioning, and full combing of the nits(eggs)

* Free 1 week follow up

**2 Week Guarantee!

* If any additional treatment is needed within 2 weeks of initial treatment.

**We cannot guarantee our service if there is a reinfestation (Example : you still have lice in your home environment, you take your child to a day care where there is still lice present, etc.).  We our here to ensure that you and your family are lice free when you leave our facility. Please ask us for more details! 

Our products are Natural, Non-Toxic, safe and proven effective. All of the ingredients in our treatment serve a purpose and are completely harmless to humans.

The enzymes in our products naturally dissolve the protective shells of the lice and the nits leaving them exposed. Without the protection of the exoskeleton, head lice cannot survive. Because Lice naturally produce these enzymes, they can never become immune to them.
Products Available for Purchase

Shampoo - $24.95

Conditioner Repellent - $24.95

Household Spray - $24.95

Repellent Leave In Conditioner Spray - $24.95

Laundry Additive - $24.95

Terminator Comb - $16.95

* Due to nature of our products we do not take returns.  If there is a problem with the product will be happy to exchange it within 7 days.
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